Complete Dentures

Every Denture is Custom Made...

... from new impressions, recording new vertical dimensions, proper centric, choosing the tooth shade and mould with the patient. In our Clinic, every patient sees in the fitting appointment, corrections and changes made to compensate for tissue, bone and or facial changes due to aging. This is the time for both patient and denturist to address any concerns or changes required before transfer to acrylic denture base.


There are three types of material used to manufacture denture teeth.

  1. Plastic
  2. Porcelain, and
  3. IPN ® Interpenitrating Polymer Network Hardened Acrylic.

Most manufacturers make a wide range of denture teeth lines with various qualities in all types of material.

We have used Dentsply Trubyte Prosthetics since our inception in April 1955, which include Trubyte Bioblend, Bioform, Portrait or New Hue brands. Along with Dentsply our Clinic can give you the patient a five-year guarantee with the Premium Bioblend IPN Denture, the original characterized tooth line with unique shapes, moulds and shades.  


We are pleased to offer Crown PX a stain resistant hardened composite resin tooth with life like aesthetics. We found over the years of product use that our patients have given us glowing product assessments and as the manufacturer states superior wear resistance.