Soft Liners and Mouth Guards

Soft Liners

Soft Liners are used mainly on lower dentures to give comfort and eliminate denture sores and the need for numerous denture adjustments. The cause is usually bone and or soft tissue loss which has occurred through many years of denture wearing.

There are many different types of soft liner material meant for different purposes. We use two: Prot-tech and Malloplast-B soft lining materials with two very different applications. Pro-Tech has superior bonding and color and as a Monomer based liner does not have the bounce tendencies of silicone or resilient liners.

Malloplast-B a resilient material is used when the patient has numerous allergies and is not a monomer based material.

All soft liners need replacing and are not permanent in a respect as they absorb nicotine, caffeine, medications orally ingested and minerals in water from untreated well sources. We guarantee soft liners for one year.  

Night Guards

Night guards provide a solution for patients who have TMJ, grind their teeth or clench their gums. It will stop the wear of natural teeth or damage to your crowns, bridges and veneers.

Night guards are individually designed and provide a barrier/spacer to keep your teeth and jaw properly aligned.

Our Night guards are made with a special elastic acrylic that becomes flexible with the heat of your mouth. Custom made for each patient after impressions, models, bite, articulation, wax-up and processing are completed.

If you are a patient who struggles with pain from TMJ, grinding teeth or clenching gums, you may find interruptions in your sleep patterns due to the discomfort. A custom fit night guard may help to improve your sleep patterns and alleviate some of the discomfort.   


Custom Sport Mouth Guards

Sport Mouth Guards that are custom made require impressions and poured cast models, to obtain a vacuum formed functional well fitting mouth guard. Beats any sports store bought mouth guard. (A must for Hockey Players.)

Why have a custom sports mouth guard?
A custom made sports mouth guard provides a solid fit on your natural dentition versus a generic sports mouth guard that is worn to cover the teeth.